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SLIFR Thanksgiving/Christmas Quiz
November 27, 2009, 3:12 AM
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The latest quiz from the wonderful Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule.

1) Second-favorite Coen Brothers movie.
There are about four different answers to this question.  I’ll go with Miller’s Crossing, as it seems to be the least lauded of the bunch.

2) Movie seen only on home format that you would pay to see on the biggest movie screen possible? (Question submitted by Peter Nellhaus)
L’Avventura seems like a good choice.

3) Japan or France? (Question submitted by Bob Westal)
My heart is in France.

4) Favorite moment/line from a western.
Dean Martin & Ricky Nelson entertaining themselves with a song during a lull in the impeccable Rio Bravo.

5) Of all the arts the movies draw upon to become what they are, which is the most important, or the one you value most?
Tough question, I think I love movies so much because at their peak they function as a beautiful synthesis of the arts.  Music may be my favorite of the non-cinematic arts, if that’s what the question is asking.  But if it’s asking what’s most integral to film, I’m hard pressed to choose between visual art and storytelling.

6) Most misunderstood movie of the 2000s (The Naughties?).
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  Also, Marie Antoinette and Miami Vice.

7) Name a filmmaker/actor/actress/film you once unashamedly loved who has fallen furthest in your esteem.
Kevin Smith.  I was young and dumb.

8) Herbert Lom or Patrick Magee?

9) Which is your least favorite David Lynch film (Submitted by Tony Dayoub)

Lost Highway.

10) Gordon Willis or Conrad Hall? (Submitted by Peet Gelderblom)
Gordon Willis.

11) Second favorite Don Siegel movie.
The Killers

12) Last movie you saw on DVD/Blu-ray? In theaters?
Bong Joon-Ho’s Mother.  Where the Wild Things Are.

13) Which DVD in your private collection screams hardest to be replaced by a Blu-ray? (Submitted by Peet Gelderblom)
Once Upon a Time in the West would look ravishing in Blu.

14) Eddie Deezen or Christopher Mintz-Plasse?
Mr. Mintz-Plasse, solely because he inspired these guys.

15) Actor/actress who you feel automatically elevates whatever project they are in, or whom you would watch in virtually anything.
Such a difficult question, my gut is telling me to go with Mathieu Amalric.

16) Fight Club — yes or no?
The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club.

17) Teresa Wright or Olivia De Havilland?
I think I have to go with Teresa Wright, if only for Shadow of a Doubt.

18) Favorite moment/line from a film noir.
Oh geez,  favorite line is impossible.   Moment?  How about the kiss in Notorious.  It is after all, my wonderful header.

19) Best (or worst) death scene involving an obvious dummy substituting for a human or any otherunsuccessful special effect(s)—see the wonderful blog Destructible Man for inspiration.
Raiders of the Lost Ark is the first one that comes to mind.

20) What’s the least you’ve spent on a film and still regretted it? (Submitted by Lucas McNelly)
Whatever I spent on my ticket to see 300.

21) Van Johnson or Van Heflin?
I’m sad to say though I’ve seen a few of their films, I can’t recall any of their performances.

22) Favorite Alan Rudolph film.
Another strike.

23) Name a documentary that you believe more people should see.
I’m fond of Wordplay, but it may just be the fact that I’m a crossword fiend.  Gates of Heaven?

24) In deference to this quiz’s professor, name a favorite film which revolves around someone becoming stranded.
Dawn of the Dead.

25) Is there a moment when your knowledge of film, or lack thereof, caused you an unusual degree of embarrassment and/or humiliation? If so, please share.
Today when my cousin was excited about seeing The Blind Side this weekend, I realized most of my  distant relations probably assume the large amount of time I spend watching movies is spent consuming Roland Emmerich films and Sandra Bullock vehicles.

26) Ann Sheridan or Geraldine Fitzgerald? (Submitted by Larry Aydlette)
Ann Sheridan was quite the gun moll.

27) Do you or any of your family members physically resemble movie actors or other notable figures in the film world? If so, who?
I have a cousin that looks like Audrey Tautou.  She’s taken.

28) Is there a movie you have purposely avoided seeing? If so, why?
I’m afraid of Clarie Denis’s Trouble Every Day.

29) Movie with the most palpable or otherwise effective wintry atmosphere or ambience.
Fargo, another of the possible answers for question number 1.  Just that opening credit sequence alone.

30) Gerrit Graham or Jeffrey Jones?
Jeffrey Jones, quite easily.

31) The best cinematic antidote to a cultural stereotype (sexual, political, regional, whatever).
The films of Ramin Bahrani.

32) Second favorite John Wayne movie.
The Searchers.

33) Favorite movie car chase.
Death Proof.

34) In the spirit of His Girl Friday, propose a gender-switched remake of a classic or not-so-classic film. (Submitted by Patrick Robbins)
Hmm, I can’t think of any other than His Girl Friday, so I’m going to jump to the small screen and say Battlestar Galactica.

35) Barbara Rhoades or Barbara Feldon?
Barbara Feldon, Pittsburgh always wins with me.

36) Favorite Andre De Toth movie.
Strike three.

37) If you could take one filmmaker’s entire body of work and erase it from all time and memory, as if it had never happened, whose oeuvre would it be? (Submitted by Tom Sutpen)
But if we erase the memory of them we’re likely to repeat their mistakes.

38) Name a film you actively hated when you first encountered it, only to see it again later in life and fall in love with it.
There are several, the big one that’s coming to mind is The New World.  Though I’m not sure I ever hated it, I went from dismissing it as ‘pretty pictures’ to considering it one of the decade’s best films.  Thanks Justine.

39) Max Ophuls or Marcel Ophuls? (Submitted by Tom Sutpen)
I want to give it to Marcel if only for the scenes he inspired in Annie Hall.

40) In which club would you most want an active membership, the Delta Tau Chi fraternity, the Cutters or the Warriors? And which member would you most resemble, either physically or in personality?
Chalk me up as One for the Cutters.

41) Your favorite movie cliché.
I’m not sure I have one, they are usually groan inducing.  I do enjoy subverted cliches, is that a cliche yet?

42) Vincente Minnelli or Stanley Donen? (Submitted by Bob Westal)
Vincente Minnelli

43) Favorite Christmas-themed horror movie or sequence.
I really need to see Black Christmas.

44) Favorite moment of self- or selfless sacrifice in a movie.
It feels like this one should be easier.  I’m going to say The Last Waltz, which probably does not quite fit, but I’m listening to The Band right now and nothing else is coming to mind.

45) If you were the cinematic Spanish Inquisition, which movie cult (or cult movie) would you decimate? (Submitted by Bob Westal)
Right now, I’m tempted to say the Twilight series.

46) Caroline Munro or Veronica Carlson?
Caroline Munro.

47) Favorite eye-patch wearing director. (Submitted by Patty Cozzalio)
Nicholas Ray.

48) Favorite ambiguous movie ending. (Original somewhat ambiguous submission—“Something about ambiguous movie endings!”– by Jim Emerson, who may have some inspiration of his own to offer you.)
It’s tempting to say No Country for Men just to spite Jim :P. Broken Flowers, it’s a shame the rest of the film isn’t quite up to that ending.

49) In giving thanks for the movies this year, what are you most thankful for?
I’m thankful for Pixar continuing to brighten otherwise dismal summers.  I’m thankful for Greg Mottola making an excellent film in my favorite city.  I’m thankful for Sion Sono for being crazy enough to make Love Exposure.  I’m thankful I still have movies with as promising as Bright Star and A Serious Man on the horizon.

50) George Kennedy or Alan North? (Submitted by Peet Gelderblom)
George Kennedy?  I guess?



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