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Blogging Treme: Episode 4 “At the Foot of Canal Street”
May 5, 2010, 9:23 AM
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I don’t have much to add this week.  Another solid episode.  The Sonny/Annie plot continues to become more and more interesting.  The centerpiece of this week’s episode featured Sonny going on a road trip to Austin to play at an open mic with the Rebirth Brass Band.  Annie picks up gigs where she can, playing with street musicians portrayed by Steve Earle and his son Justin.   She ends up getting better gigs alone than she could get with Sonny, further fueling his jealousy.

We see Antoine’s relationship, or lack thereof, with his children.  John Goodman and Steve Zahn act together again and Goodman’s Creighton Bernette discovers YouTube.  We have appearances from lots of Wire alum this week.  Not only Steve Earle but Anwan Glover returns and Jim True-Frost shows up.  The longer the show goes on the less it feels like there will be any over-arcing plot and the more it seems it will just continue to follow unrelated characters capturing their lives and portraying the culture of their city.  I’m just fine with that.  Hopefully I’ll have more to comment on next week as we reach the halfway point.


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Bonjourla moutarde évoque pour moi le plat du dimanche c'est à dire le lapin que ma mère moutardé géné après la cuisson elle rajoutait une touche de crème fraiche dans le jus et cela faisait une délicieuse saehuaujourd'cui ma fille adore les sandwich saucisses moutarde come moi d'ailleursmerci pour ce concours et bon week endcorinne

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