tongue-tied lightning

July 30, 2010, 12:19 AM
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Moments of unbridled happiness often overtake us when we’re least expecting it.  You find yourself driving home after an exhausting ordeal, the windows are down, a favorite song comes on the radio, the sky is a beautiful charcoal blue glowing with the memory of sunlight, the evening air is cool and abundant with the aroma of springtime.  As you approach a railroad crossing you notice the lights flashing and slow to a stop, listening as a train passes by, hearing a sound that once meant progress but now seems antiquated in this era of tractor-trailers and interstate highways.

After a time you notice you are completely content.  Any worries you may have brought with you concerning your work, money, your future or your health have melted away.  You are enjoying the song on the radio, the beauty of the evening sky, the feeling of the air, the smell of the trees and flowers.  As soon as you realize this it goes away, but for a moment you knew what it was to feel at peace with the world.

It’s a feeling that used to be easier to come by, when I was younger and my biggest concern was whether Maribeth had a crush on me or just wanted to be my friend. Now as I take my evening walk it’s more often I find trace elements of former contentment than contentment itself.  I walk past Josh’s parent’s house and think back fondly on the many nights I sat with him and others around a campfire, illegally obtained beers in hand, talking about whatever came to mind, completely at ease with who and where we were at that moment in time. Or the time when I laid on his back porch into the early morning hours while everyone else was sleeping, watching shooting stars dance across the sky.

I cling to moments such as these a bit too firmly.  My friends have moved away and gotten married, they have kids.  Yet I sit still hoping that if I wait long enough everything will come back.  Meanwhile my life is passing me by, just like this train.


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You need to write a novel. You’ve got the right skill set for it.

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