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The Best Films of 2011: #17 Rango
February 4, 2012, 7:08 PM
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Breaking Pixar’s reign in the best computer animated film of the year department, Rango is not merely better than Cars 2 (a compliment on par with calling Bridesmaids better than The Hangover), but worthy of consideration alongside Pixar’s best films. With a plot that is more or less Chinatown filtered through Sergio Leone, it wears its cinematic antecedents as proudly on its sleeves as a Quentin Tarantino film. But plot isn’t the focus here, Rango is an acid-trip of a movie, as the above image would imply, drawing not only on Hunter S. Thompson but borrowing imagery from Salvador Dali as well. It could even be argued everything is taking place in its protagonists dehydrated brain.

Its unpredictability is surprising, not just because it appears at first sight to be your typical cookie-cutter CGI confection, but also because it’s directed by Gore Verbinski, a name synonymous with mediocrity. He brings a significant amount of visual flair to the film, gleefully doing things with the camera you can’t replicate in live action film, in a much more fun and engaging way than Spielberg did in Tintin, for instance. Bizarre setpieces arise out of nowhere and Rango stumbles through them in a Rube Goldbergian way, unwittingly attaining success despite himself. The animation is courtesy of ILM, who with the aid of visual consultant Roger Deakins create a world as beautiful and fully-realized as anything seen in a Pixar film.

The rich cinematic vein running through the film isn’t mere meta-wankery, but an important look into the film’s themes and character. Rango is a naive innocent who (elevated by a very game Johnny Depp who for once doesn’t feel like he’s phoning it in) longs to be a respected actor and the film seems to argue that we can better ourselves by taking aspects of fictional characters we find inspiring and incorporating them into who we are. The film itself does this and it results in a surprisingly rich and sincere cinematic experience, an impression aided by the fact that the filmmakers didn’t feel the need to release it in 3D to inflate the grosses.


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Guszta, nagyon finom lehet! Szoktam néha napján én is muinffokat csinálni, de azt is akkor érdemes sütnöm mikor a gyerekek jönnek mert pár darabot nem lehet csak 12 sütni az meg egy kicsit sok nekünk ! Ránk száradna!

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